Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Kuwait and Me.. since Jan 2009 !

Kuwait had been quiet bad experience with me...
Landed here with a hope, assuming it will be new and great opporunity. Settling in one of the strongest currency will be nice option where everything 'looks' affordable with 2..4..10 tags  :)

But unfortunately, I landed in a wrong company where people .. specially the owner business model and way of thinking was exactly like desert weather.. you never know when it will be cold or hot..

Anyways, to cut short I landed here @ JAN 2009 and worked apprx. 2.5 months and then left back to India for a visa change process (this was due to some law which didnt allowed by visit to get converted to employment) crazy.. sh*t, so.. I was back to pavillion (Mumbai) ..running around for medical center for medical process, certificate attestations, embassy stamping and then fligh tickets ! It took good 45 days to get all the process done and I am back in Kuwait.. it was in May, If I remember it correctly.

OK.. so now this time I was on employment visa planned to stay for sometime and then take a call..I never knew Mumbai will call me soooo soon again in few days. It was 20 days and my dad had major health issue and doctors gave me shock of my life that my dad will stay hardly for 48 hours !! and it was obvious I had to leave everything and just RUN back home ...

By God's grace everything was alright in few days and dad was almost normal.. thanks to God ..and our life came back to routine and I am back to my hunt for living ..

Interestingly, Kuwait calls me again and I thought to take last shot and see if this works or drop this forever so.. I was back in June ..@Kuwait. Few days, and then months passed by and I also called my family in OCT to JAN to spend some quality time... Jan end they also left and I am alone... few more months passed and I was slowly settling in this environment, people.. culture. Things for few months were normal. As usual, life loves to give me surprises and few problems started between me and my employer. It was since March -2010 that things started going worse by the day and i was into really bad shape.. cant exit and cant stay...!