Friday, January 22, 2010

incomplete !

Everything seems to be so much incomplete, family is now back to India. The house which use to be a mess with toys scattered everywhere, noises ...  is now no noise and completely silent. Ams use to be happy and hug me as and when i m back from office. I use to have a reason to come early. Now.. no reason.

Lets see, when are they back here or may be I will go back. Nothing seems to be clear, jobs nowadays due to recession are also not sure. you never know, when some bad news will knock your door ! now, jst keeping my fingers crossed and waiting for some right opportunity so that I can look atleast 5 years ahead ~
May ALLAH gives me and my loved ones...patience

Saturday, January 16, 2010


Life is becoming so tough and confusing. Nothing seems to be straight and easy. God bless ...

Understanding Islam - Quran, Religion, Prophet, muhammad

Understanding Islam - Quran, Religion, Prophet, muhammad