Thursday, October 8, 2009

Where am I heading..

These days, not mch of activity.. more of routine stuff.. get up in the morning.. rush for transport, reach office where thr are problems lined up and struggling to get your point to the management and then finally ending up the day with the same 1.5 hrs drive in transport back to so called home or accommodation..

l want to settle, yes i am not able to really find the meaning or rather the way to get this done, i do have job, my own house, family but somewhere I still feel so much unsecure - you never know what may happen tomorrow the same time, I see that the time is also running out and I am growing older every day.. I wonder how people plan their life when everything looks so unstable and anything can be blown anytime.. I fear even more after this recession where BIG companies where people use to plan or dream life time career has just vanished or are struggling to survive. I dont know what is in store for our next generation..Just imagine, how difficult will be their life, how difficult it will be for them to survive in this world..

God help and bless all.

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