Saturday, August 22, 2009

22nd Aug-first day of Ramadan

First day of ramadan..22nd Aug-09 - Saturday..
bad start... yesterday night we went to buy some fruits and vegetable from Shuwaikh market and after we reached home their was no electricity.. i knew my day will not be good..first, spent some time walking and expecting it may work but then it seems their was some major fault and i have no option then to sit in a car with A/C on till 3 am..fajr time/sehr was also due at 3.46 so very less time to actually have something... anyway, had some tea, bread, juice and then prayer. I didn't knew I had more troubles in store for me, morning my transport guy also defaulted and then I requested one of my colleague to pick me and so here I am in office.. hope day ends well.. INSHALLAH.

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