Friday, May 29, 2009

my dear relatives

This is for my relatives..
as you all know, dad, bhaisaab, baba. was not well since sometime.. he was extremely serious and was in ICU for 5+ days. Now, with grace of ALLAH and ur prayers, he is recovering - though at a snails' pace !

It is quiet silly or i will call disturbing to write this here -

I got to know - people are talking about negligence, cost of hospital, treatment etc etc.. i wanted to ask all - in a condition when someone is exteremely serious and docs says he has few hours - he will live or......., what are we suppose to do? should we take hm to hospitals asking for the rates of treatment, meet doctors or negotiate ???? for me - I personally take his treatment on priority, we wanted him to be on his feets asap and were nt really concerned on the cost etc...

second is - I hear we were not prompt - for such people -
we admitted him in 3 hospitals and the latter one was with all possible facilties and even close to us. results are seen - he is better.

cost - we did our best and we know how much we have already spent on this.. i have no regrets - he is my father and i take this as my responsibity... but it disturbs when people blame us..aasif was on leave for last 10 days, I left my job and came runnin...

at the same time, thanks to few who has shown their concern and supported us in such times.
Now, finally he is recovering - I request - if someone feels that mumbai is not the rigth place and Jaipur will be better, pls take this responsibility and do what is required instead of spreading rubbish.

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