Saturday, May 9, 2009

Drive to Iraq border

We were around 9 with two cars - Hummer H3 and Nissan Tida.

We assumed it will be nice place with a small lake, as we had heard and hills.. etc.. unfortunately, we started very late.. picked up some snacks, water, pepsi and were all set for a long drive.. we had two choices.. either to hit Saudi border or check our Iraq border.. and we selected Iraq one.. It was around 300+ kms and we lost way... what we can see were plain roads wth few cars.. @ the speed of 180-200.. climate was pleasant and we were seing beautiful hills, desert with small green spots.. We were waitin to land to some place which is real nice but it was too late and we didnt wanted to take any chances.. finally we got someone and we asked the way. after around 60+ kms we got the way to abdally, iraq border and we planned to check it out.. Thou after reaching we couldnt see much but yes It was nice exp.. driving more than 556 kms in one day.... !! we reached, relaxed a lil bit, picked up some snacks and stopped again around 80 kms to Burger King.. had food and then reached back home around 11.20 pm..

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