Tuesday, April 7, 2009

My Great Grand mother.. forgotten memories

I recently came to know about my Great Grand mother

Habiba Khanam aka Amtul Habib was the mother of Mr.Samad and Mr.Salam.
She was the second wife of Mr.Abdul Kader.She was a very close relative of Bhadur shah Zafar (last moghul King) hence was a Moghul.Her family fled from Delhi during the 1857 mutiny,when around 10000 people belonging to moghul dynasty were killed by the britisher.She married Mr.Abdul Kader and settled in a small town of Sanganer near Jaipur.She lived in Jaipur till 1930's and than after the death of Mr.Abdul Kader,left for Saudi Arabia along with her younger daughter Shahjahan Begum(Phuppojaan /Nani amma).There they lived in Medinah and she became a Saudi national..This was very intersting..she had an option for applying for Saudi nationality for 1Riyal or Resident permit(Iqaama) for 1.5 Riyals,due to lack of funds they all applied for nationality and became Saudi..they used to live in an old building very close to Masjid al Nabawi,later all the houses were removed and that place is a part of the grand mosque now...She used to pray everyday that children of Samad and Salam should visit the holy places of Saudia..who knows this could be the reason that most of us has visited or around Saudi Arabia..

She expired in 1940's and was buried in Janat al Baqi( Burial ground where most of Battle of Badr martys like Hazrat Hamza (Prophet's Uncle) is buried...

Her Children-Abdul Samad (my grand father),Begma Jehan,Shahjehan,Abdul Salam

Pray for her Magfirat when our possible...
Courtesy Naniamma(Shahjahan Begum)

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