Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Medicals and PCC

It was a challenge to get medicals and pcc done... medical centers are real asses... they make sure you spend atleast thrice your actual cost and keep sending you to different docs for diff.. check ups.. I was so surprised when they told me your heart is big and not straight... and made me do 2d echo tests which only costed me 1500 bucks... tests as known to me was normal and they had more reasons to buy time and make me spend as much as possible... anyway after long long struggle n lots of tests I am done with medicals and hopefully should have the clearance certificate in day or two...

PCC was another pain.. I had one address on passport and other address was of mira road.. government departments alwys want what you dont have or cant have at all... they made me run 4 times from worli office to CID and also to Thane passport office.. finally my last run was successful and I made it thru bank statement and voters card... now.. I expect this also to be finally in my hand in 2-3 days.. now can only keep fingers cross... !

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