Wednesday, March 11, 2009

18+ Materials - Tips for having SEX like a professional

Porn stars are sex professionals. It’s their business to know about pleasure and how to get it, or atleast how to seem like you’re getting it. Sure, some things should be left to the experts—like electrical work and medical exams—but when it comes to sex, we amateurs want to do it like professionals. So, for good girls who want to be naughty, here are The Top Five Tips For Screwing Like A Porn Star:
1. Be Eager Send him slutty text messages, go commando—when you’re ready for some action, take it!
2. Tell Him What You Want Don’t be shy! Be explicit. You might worry you’ll sound bossy, but it will actually be dirty talk. And what man doesn’t like that?
3. Use Your Backside Guys go crazy for the booty, so don’t be afraid to show it! Sure, from your knees to your waist, there’s cellulite and stretch marks, but he doesn’t care- only you do! If you’re already naked, you know he likes what you got and he wants all of it.
4. Accessorize Just like you add earrings, belts, and necklaces to your day look, your night look could always use some accessories. From keeping your heels on, to a leather riding crop, a girl’s gotta have that little eye grabbing something extra.
5. Take Care Of #1—Yourself Everything from your nails to your orgasm is your responsibility. If he can’t handle the job, you should finish it off.
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