Sunday, October 5, 2008

Eid offs..

We had a great time..really speaking never realised when Ramazan month got over and when Eid happened..anyway it was great to touch base again with God for whole month... NO BAD JOBS at all.. I remember NO abuses,wrong thoughts, bad actions etc.. at all for whole month...Great !!!

First day of Eid which was on 2nd Oct-08 was busy day... early morning attended morning prayers at @ Malad and came back around 1 pm with family at mira road .... and then went to Bandra (sasural), collected some Eidi and came back around 12 midnight... Second day, whole day with family, aunt, cousins etc.. sheer khurma, and other cool dishes to eat... Third day - did little bit of usual shopping and then at the night watched "kidnap" - had no other options.... :)
Forth day : with friends..... went to Arnal Beach Resort - which only sounds Good !! wasted time there and came back home at

My four days leave just got over and now i m back on Job !!

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