Thursday, October 30, 2008

LG plasma 32PCRV and MTNL new connection

I celebrated my DIWALA this month by purchasing one of my dream product - Plasma tv and also got today new MTNL landline connection....
I hope credit card EMI's dont screw me much !

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

21st Oct, Tuesday - 08

I think it must be atleast 8th time, I've joined Gym - this time local gym in Mira Rd. Couple of days as usual are little tough and gives good pain to whole body and we feel as if we dont have hands, legs... it all seems numb.. anyway I have joined to get back in shape. I hope this time I stay in gym for somedays and look better...

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Monday, October 13, 2008

Aliza - Ali's new born daughter - 8th Oct-08

This is my best friend Qamar Ali's NEW born daughter (8th Oct-08).. very sweet looking. May God bless her !

Alibag - more pics - 12 Oct. 08

Alibag - Sunday, 12th Oct-08

Excellent beach to check out !! Beautiful and clean.... we did a small mistake by driving. Pretty tiring but not bad at all..... checked out - beach, fort, mandva (where you can find all big guys bungalows and prop), alibag city.... The better way to visit Alibag is ferry - PBC, and lot of them who charges Rs. 65-150 approx for one side. It takes around 30 minutes from Gateway of India by sea route and land route is approx 150 kms. On the way you can find lots of monkeys !! 

MCHI fair at Bandra MMRDA Grounds on 9th Oct-08

This is a property fair... I have not seen much properties here this time but its good to have know about whats happening around Mumbai... Rates are shooting up day by day and builders/realtors are ensuring NO SPACE should be left our around Mumbai.... imagine 4k-6k rates in Panvel, Raigad... !!!

Mauth ka kuann (Death Well)

This is real amazing stuff to check out... 3 bikers and 2 Maruti 800's driving round this ditch... wonderful stuff a MUST see...

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Group Pic - Arnala Beach Resort

From left: Yusuf, Usman, myself, Aslam, Arif, Anil, Iqbal, Satish and Aslam

Arnala Beach Resort on 5th -Oct -08

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Eid offs..

We had a great time..really speaking never realised when Ramazan month got over and when Eid happened..anyway it was great to touch base again with God for whole month... NO BAD JOBS at all.. I remember NO abuses,wrong thoughts, bad actions etc.. at all for whole month...Great !!!

First day of Eid which was on 2nd Oct-08 was busy day... early morning attended morning prayers at @ Malad and came back around 1 pm with family at mira road .... and then went to Bandra (sasural), collected some Eidi and came back around 12 midnight... Second day, whole day with family, aunt, cousins etc.. sheer khurma, and other cool dishes to eat... Third day - did little bit of usual shopping and then at the night watched "kidnap" - had no other options.... :)
Forth day : with friends..... went to Arnal Beach Resort - which only sounds Good !! wasted time there and came back home at

My four days leave just got over and now i m back on Job !!