Monday, July 21, 2008

Expenses kill !

Its so surprising that i m not able to save a penny.. i always wonder how and where all the money goes ! i always have expenses lined up... two wheeler..four wheeler.. health, family or repairs nothing ends and nothing is ready to wait.

Oh hell ! you slog whole day and think may be from this month onwards life will change but nothing happened atleast till now... I often talk to my old friend Gopi who is now in Dubai. we have worked together in 2000 for zenta, call center. We both use to be happy and delighted there, we have good salary's .. good position and we were respected there for our work ! I was from the very first batch for international bpo so recruitment, training ... etc was all part of my job.

Gops for some reason was in touch or atleast make sure to track our old colleagues who are not like unfortunate like us: our grp then is now either VP, National Head or head back office ! I took a wrong step and i lost it ! since then I am not able to stabalise and establish myself. local and international market .. I tried at various places but i missed the last bus.

hope everything gets settled soon and i get what i deserve !

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Unknown said...

hey aarif,
dont worry man.. I guess the uparwala is just testing you, I'm sure he has better things planned..

Dont lose hope and try contacting all the companies in the Wireless sector, trust me there are openings everywhere.