Tuesday, June 24, 2008


I keep reading and listening to news about religious conflicts and agitations.. and i keep wondering why all these lead to screwing of a normals person routine and life... you talk about mns campaigns against north indians, you talk about recent sikh protests or kashmir issues. Whatsoever it may be.. only a normal and poor people are the simple and easy targets... i always wonder if our local netas have some problem why dont they get one on one and do a real fight like old warriors and kings. Why they just say something and move with Z security ! and we keep fighting.....

I see two reasons..
1) India being a religious capital of the world where we will find max religions, cultures and traditions under one umbrella...the whole independance funda also started based on religion oppoitions otherwise who knows me might have been still under England's juridiction..
2) High Emotions sandwitched with illetracy and corruption

These are the two easy fundas any neta can cash on anytime/anywhere... God help us ..

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