Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Life is really tough dude.. back home issues, work pressures (something new always) home problem and money !
10 things to do.. and when we really see the kind of returns you get.. its crazy.

tough time !

Its been long time i am not writing, reason being loads of work in office. sometime its exiting to work with my current company(myzus). every day we have some new thing to do, new challenges and new research. though its not paid me as it has to but still somewhere in the back of the mind...i like this stuff. I do have other opportunities but I hate monotonous job which is actually negative because I am not able to specialize in one field... did so many things in my life.. marketing products, research and development, interior decoration, films (asst director, dubbing, editing), merchandising, bpo (agent, project head and finally client) and also owning a call center and now selling software along with electronic distribution (wierd combination) but fun!

as usual, today i have something new.. research and then propose a south african client (sms, crawlers etc) i m back on my job!