Friday, March 7, 2008

my life..

life is real fun.. i sometime think about what i m... people generally will think i could have been better financially which i know.. but than it doesnt match the way i want to live my life.. i always want to do different things in life, rather than something monotonous. I wish to stay in different parts of the world, do different jobs, change profile and so much.. i mean life becomes quiet challenging and you learn something new every time..

currently, i m into selling of mobile apps, meanwhile I also got a chance to implement sms solutions for one of our client. it was initially bit scary but i loved it.. now.. i also got a chance to try selling e-voucher solutions! again something which i never did!

Hope life keep giving me such flavors.. but also pays off..

Thursday, March 6, 2008


I generally like to read about Islam quiet often and i mostly try to understand different ideas and vision and also the different views people have about my religion.I often try to dig into the facts and try to relate it with todays world and see which religion makes more sense and why ? I guess this is something which we all should do..... we all should know why what we are and why! i think somewhere back of our minds we all agree that their are something which holds us all.. we call it power, soul or energy etc.. but this brings one more question who is controlling them..

where do we all go after death? what happens to us when we die.. how do we get soul implanted in us? how does it makes us do good and bad.. and then how do God knows.. wht are we doing and how can he have billions of billions people records which includes their complete life ! it sounds so difficult.. i am sure all the super computers will also crash if it tries to hold such a massive and accurate database.... so it is for real ? I am sure every human atleast one point of time had maybe one of this questions atleast ! right? It is fact that we cannot know what will happen after death or can answer the above because we all have some assumptions based on the information from our parents, people, books or after getting influenced by somebody who guides us thru some new facts... isnt it.

You will find many of the answers when we read and understand Quran, trust me all the above will be cleared and infact you will be in a position to share the same with other confused brothers...I am a real fan of Dr. Zakir Naik.. he is very impressive and very knowledgeable..i advice lot of people to watch his programmes which are very informative...he is doing a wonderful job in sorting out differences between so many religions, specially when he is talking on FACTS.. and not in air.

after some basic understanding and staying with other communities and religions.. it becomes easy for us to understand why are we better than others... i suggest lot of people to try this which always work out.. its quiet simple..

for our muslim brothers: i would advice them to just follow Quran and Hadis.. simple.. once you follow basics of Islam, you will automatically look and sound better than most of the non muslims.. its the perfect religion which if one follows as it is will only add honor to your personality. the only creteria is BE what you are.. and follow the real teachings.. first is we need to be sure on what we are doing.. than only you will be in a position to clear any doubts or confusions other may be regarding your religion.

Any muslim follows the standard Hadith Al-Jabreel's statement on the five pillars of Islam:
1) The shehada, or statement of faith, that there is no God but God and Mohammed is his messenger;
2)salah, the five daily prayers;
3) zakat, a voluntary religious tax paid directly to the poor (the Shia add in a khums tax, 20 percent of one's profits, to aid in the protection and development of the umma); 4) sawm, fasting for the entire month of Ramadan if you are physically up to it and not traveling;
5) Hajj, performing a pilgrimage to Mecca at least once in a lifetime if one is financially and physically able to without harming other commitments, like to one's family.

Very importantly.. have good relationship around you what i think personally is one of the best deeds anyone can have.. rest ALLAH know better.. we need to make sure.. people around us have NO problems with us.. i guess if we follow these two simple fundamentals life will become far more easy and you will know for sure... we will INSHAALLAH go to Jannah.

Now, when we want to compare ourselves... its simple to identify.. people who follow.. the Quran, Hadith - sunnah.. are following the right path.. anybody who has any different logic (maybe)is fake or may be not upto mark.

I am sure most of the Muslims know this.. but this really makes me proud... we have one fundamental, one religious book, one pilgrimage for salvation and one standard language - Arabic... how beautifully our religion is thing even better is when you compare our religion - it is only the religion for EVERYONE.. you can pick any testimony, book and any century - i mean in practical life.. u will find it true.. and you will find it in your reach... whereas in other religions if you see there are mostly the logics/cases meant either for that particular time frame or not practical at all and also not for any simple/common man. The time when blacks, womens were all ill treated, Islam came as a boom and as a slap to the people who were creating such non sense society! First ever prayer call was done by Black - slave ! Hazrat Bilal ! wow.. what an amazing values Islam has.. you pick up any case you will not be able to find even one flaw or anythng missing.. which clearly shows the authenticity of this wonderful - incomparable book !

What i wish, we all Muslims to follow the real teachings of Islam and become a tru Momin.. amin