Sunday, November 25, 2007

Pity on Mumbai roads

I travel everyday on bike and often stop at signals (as usual where there is competition between pot holes and signals) and view various sites where are great government is planning to have over bridges. Its great though but if you really think and sit you will realize what is more important. When I think it is obvious that we need good roads first and then bridges. Once we have better roads we will cut down most of the traffic. When you drive from bandra towards borivili you will witnes the difference of quality and type of roads. We have better designed roads with proper lanes till andheri …. I guess it is because our limit for international airport ends here and then all roads are just amazing… if you really want to have adventure we are a big at the right place. I do not even remember how many times I replace my tyres, tubes or got my puncture done. You have holes, you have signals and narrow bottle necks where there is traffic and dust. I know we have very big country and we also have good manpower…. We have good brains then why do we lack in having basic infrastructure on place atleast in major cities like Mumbai.

If we run though the boards on sites you will notice expenses to build each fly over is more than 2000 cr.. and the sad part is it doesn’t even last for 200 days. Don’t we have a system which takes guarantee from the builder to last for x years or he will be penalized? Unfortunately we all are busy and we have no time to question our govt. I hope our Politian’s give some thoughts and give us better today and tomorrow.

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