Friday, September 28, 2007

Doha.. my visit exp.

My recent visit to Doha was full of surprises. To hear, I m going for software installation and integration was itself a surprise to me..Frankly I have never been in this depth of software, where in my whole visit I was talking about ip address, compatibility, nat, firewall, oracle trigger, java procedure and lot more.. I have been around these words since 5 months but was never into it.

But as always, I was confident and knew I will find some way out. Log me came to me like a help from God which helped me all the way. Though I was worried this may not be possible with the government department but it went thru quite well. I had used all my skills to get the admin user/passwords etc to get into the system. I never made anybody realize about my not even half baked knowledge. I use to pick up words/sentences from my colleagues back in Mumbai or people around CGC and use it in my discussions. When I sit back and think its just amazing experience to do what I have never done. Anyway… result came through was positive. I don’t know about my manager but I am really happy getting this exposure. Now, I have really built up lots of interest and want to learn lot of things in IT.

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