Saturday, September 15, 2007

Doha.. my exp.

It was 7th, early morning i left Mumbai for Doha after really long journey which started early morning 3.00am from my house searching for taxi and then finally reaching mumbai airport. I had a hopp between mumbai-bahrain-doha so i wasted lot of time there also. After reaching had lunch (which could have been even. tea consideting diff of 2.5 hrs) and then met up the people who were concerned of the job for which i was invited here.

As a city, doha is really nice,clean and open. I really loved being on Corniche..which is more than 4kms, i guess and its like a necklace similar to our marine lines. Evenings are breezy with less humidity. anyway.. i love travelling so made sure not to miss any landmarks. I wish to come and work here again..

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