Sunday, August 26, 2007

Raining day !

It was raining and i was stuck at lower parel stn for rains to slow down and reach office. Mumbai rains are like people who keep changing their attitudes.. we leave our house thinking its too sunny day and suddenly you will find yourself stuck in heavy umbrella. Our Business minded hawkers never leave any chances.. taking advantage of rains they started selling umbreallas which use to be for 50 bucks to 100 bucks..and people were buying it.

In between all this chaos i noticed two womens and small kids begging (3...4 years old)and this plight was really emotional when i have seen them all wet and actually shivering of cold, i has so many questions in my mind. WHY? they have so many children when they cant be managed, what about their education? their life..? where are they heading and what is their tomorrow? its not the first time when i have seen such cases. I always wish to do something for these guys. God bless them and our country !

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