Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Fighting for our identity and Existence.

My day starts getting up early,around 6.30 and then make sure to leave around 7.45 to catch one train and leave min. 4 trains on a daily basis. I stay in mira rd, which falls on the way to virar, the other end of mumbai. Countless people everyday in every train. Sometime i wonder where all these people come and go... every 3 min. approx one train still all trains are packed, infact over crowded. Sitting is out of question it is difficult to even get inside. one hr to 1.5 hrs journey everyday standing.. sometimes I really get upset after seing everyone's plight.

People dont even leave the boggie for handicaps, small door area of breaks, and offcourse roofs. It is quiet interesting if you see people getting to roof top of the train.. the train when stopped they first wait for the train to actually get in the motion and then the real jump to window and from window up the roof..i takes around 5 seconds to do this and they are ready for dare devil journey. I wonder other countries may have few dare devils then what will they call our daily routing dare devils. Their has been new tracks which often also get announced at all the stations carry 2500 volts.. and nothing can be around 2 mt but our heros remain fearless and travel at the same place. You will be really surprised if you see the deads everyday wrapped in white clothes with wither missing head,hand or maybe leg. some are lucky with identification or with visible face others are just dumped and God know what happens to them. Sime goes to medical institutes and some just stay in the dumps at borivili stn. We always cant call this as a fun and frolic journey but some people has to take this way to reach as their is no option.. how many trains can you leave. everybody has some reporting time and not reaching on time will result in paycut which is not possible for a daily traveller. This journey only ends only if people either shift,use own vehicle or die ! second option has its own pros and cons.. travelling everyday with this fuel rate is almost impossible if you have an average salary.. fuel costs are touching the sky.. @INR 50 approx. for 1 lit, and mumbai is huge in distance. over and above ths is traffic and the bonus are roads.. almost imp. to travel on a daily basis. I use both the option as per my mood. when i m not in a mood to struggle i get my bike and use my music player to forget the pains of roads and the time. Thats my and lakhs of people of mumbai's everyday schedule... i wonder whom to curse for such problems.. when we look back thr is no party/government or grp to support you.. we are all alone in this world fighting for our identity and exixtence. God saves us and give us a peaceful life..

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