Thursday, August 23, 2007

Blind Couple..

I was at my routine walk from dadar fast to slow platform and was stading for the slow train to arive. I turned back to get an airy space and I see a beutiful blind couple standing close to each other. It was really wonderful and somewhere you really see a power which makes us stay together which we all call love and caring. This blind couple unaware of how many people might be seing them or what they will be thinking etc were just enjoyin the breezy corner. Their are so many questions which comes in our mind when we think of such unfortunate, handicap people. How they must be spending their lives.. how they must be eating, drinking or travelling... who is their to support and help them. in this selfish world when people turns blind in case they want to how do they survive ?

Sometime, I think why dont we all have everything.. so we will have no reason to differentiate and find ourselves better than others but next moment I realise that if the above happens then we will not care of what we have because it will be common. We care now because we see that we can see, or we have more brains, or we can walk and so on...Its all so confusing and we cant come to any end to our thoughts. I just wish for one thing.. a peacful world where their are no hatreds, no wars.. and everybody is happy and confortable..

God bless human beings..

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