Friday, July 27, 2007

So, I finally started investing...

First exp.

It was 24July-07, when I finally jumped in the pool of financial maket. The so called Share Bazaar. It had always been my thought to start investing but because of limited information I use to back out and think may be next time I will invest. This finally got happened with the help of my collegue Satish who is quiet a good invester who has invested and ALSO MADE MONEY out of this.Second assistace was from Sharekhan whom I have blindly followed in investing.. frankly i didn't wanted to experiment also. I was very very new and i didn't wanted to make any mistake at this stage which will break all my confidence for this industry.
So my first buy happened with TFCI,Balaji Tele, Compusys and TV18. I started with very small amount INR 5000 and thought to play with this for couple of days and understand the whole matrix. now after experimenting Buying of shares I also thought to sell one.. so on 27th July I sold around 50 shares of TFCI and made around 50 paisa per share.. thats neat right.
Anyway, I do not know how long I will stay in this but I will make sure to keep experimenting...

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