Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Learn writing a love letter !

Learning how to write a love letter isn t difficult. Once you gather your thoughts and follow these simple steps to express the way you feel in a love letter you ll know how to do it.

Why Write a Love Letter?
It s easy to get confused when trying to express how you feel to someone you love. Just being in the same room with the object of your affections can make you feel a little muddled. Sitting down and writing a letter in private, however, gives you time to get in touch with your deepest feelings and then decide which words will best express them. You may reach a clarity of thought by the time you finish the letter that you didn t have when you started and which you probably wouldn t have reached trying to express yourself in person.

Tips: Be in a good mood when writing a love letter.
Never try to write a love letter when you re in a bad mood, not only will it be more difficult to write but your bad vibes will make their way into the letter.
Write a love letter anytime.
Don t wait for a special occasion to write one.
Anytime you want to spice up your relationship is a great time for a love letter.
Your love letter should look appealing. Fountain pens look nicer than ball point pens.
Plain paper is fine, but try to choose a better grade of paper stay away from lined paper or paper with lots of designs printed on it.
Think about why you re writing. Do you want to say you had a good time, are you asking for a date, are you expressing your affection, do you want to know how they feel about you or do you want to say I miss you? Always hand write your love letter even if your writing is sloppy.
Never type it unless your handwriting is truly illegible. Don t underline or write any words in all caps; it s like yelling.

Only say what you really mean. Don t make promises you can t keep and don t write anything you may regret later.
Once the letter leaves your hands there is no guarantee it will stay private. A one page love letter is great. Love letters aren t meant to be long.
As you get more comfortable, your letters may get a little longer but don t write a book. If you re writing an erotic lover letter, talk about yourself as well.
If you wish to arouse you can write about how hot, wet, positions and lingerie. Re-read your love letter to make sure it says what you mean.

You may want to write a rough draft first. Use a thesaurus to find unique words for your love letter, such as:

* Openers: Dear, Dearest, My Love, Dearest Love, My Beloved, My Sweetheart, My Darling, My Sweet, Darling

* Middle: cherish, idolize, embrace, hold dear, adore, caress, desire, fondle, fascinate, passion, smitten, enchanted, captivated, treasure, stroking, touch, infatuated, precious

* Endings: yours sincerely, with love, all my love, truly yours, love, till we meet again, your new friend Important notes:
1. Clear your desk and your mind of distractions. If you love someone enough to craft this letter, he or she deserves your full attention.
2. Place a picture of the one you love in front of you.
3. Put on your favorite music.
4. Take out your best letter writing stationery and pen.
5. In the following paragraph of your love letter, share your hopes and dreams for the future you can have together.
6. Don t forget to sign your love letter!
7. Spray the love letter with a light fragrance.

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